Lyrical Hip Hop 1

The thing that is characteristic about lyrical hip hop is that it is hip hop choreography that tells a story. In this manner contemporary or lyrical movements that are very expressive may be incorporated also.

The style uses what is called 'milking' to make the moves last. Whereas in normal hip-hop the moves may be hit, in lyrical hip hop these tend to be replaced with moves that are accented and milked.

Milking can be compared with moving quite fast and then slowing down considerably and letting it last, i.e. milking it.

These allow for the emotion to last rather than faster hits in normal hip hop dance which would use up the energy quickly instead of letting it die.

You can almost think of the movements being made and then dying, and then another movement taking its place that wakes up the move again before it also takes its own course.

So it takes its motion from a slightly different place than traditional hip-hop.

Some dancers that are technically trained in jazz, contemporary or lyrical often find they can adapt to lyrical hip hop style dancing much quicker than other hip-hop forms because there is some crossover.

If you watch a few hip hop dance videos, a few contemporary videos and a few lyrical videos, you will find that if you watch lyrical hip hop next you will be able to see where the style draws from and while it is in the vein of hip-hop and lyrical it is neither one or the other completely.

The story element basically dictates that you are not dancing just for fun or for the sake of it but to tell a story.

In standard hip-hop whether you want to tell a story or not is up to you, but it is perfectly ok just to dance to the beat because you like the song and it makes you feel good.